We campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU.

Leave won the referendum with lies, deceit and dark money. They told us it was anti-democratic to ask people to vote again to see if we gave a different answer – then called three general elections in four years until they got the answer they wanted.

Brexit is almost certainly NOT the will of the people now, if it ever was. We are losing our European citizenship on the basis of ONE vote, ONCE – on a simple majority, with no redress. At a stroke, we have lost the right to live, love, work, study and more in 27 other countries.

Brexit is a betrayal of all of us, but especially of the three million non-UK EU citizens in the UK, and the two million UK citizens across the rest of the EU – Five million families who can no longer be sure of their status.

NOW our mission is to help those who will suffer because of Brexit, to call the government to account when they lie and/or try to forget the promises they made, and to lay the groundwork needed for us to rejoin the EU (though that will take time).

We are a non-party political organisation. We exchange information on political, legal and social methods of countering the damage Brexit will do to the United Kingdom. We learn from each other as we do this, and we come prepared to contribute to other peoples’ projects as well as promoting our own. We also organise and/or attend meetings with speakers, street stalls, demonstrations, visits to local MPs, and many other things.

We are always looking for people who can help us with our numerous projects. If you can give us a little of your time, you will be welcomed with open arms! If you have any skills that might be useful (web design, writing, graphic design, photography, film-making, accounting, sign-making, organising etc.), please let us know! (Email us, or fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire here)