THE NEXT FEW WEEKS ARE CRUCIAL IN DECIDING THE DEAL WE GET WITH THE EU (or whether there is no deal at all). Part of our strategy is to target Conservative MPs, to persuade them to consider the damage a no-deal or poor deal will do in their constituencies. We wrote to Miriam Cates, Conservative MP for Stocksbridge and Penistone, in July, to express our disappointment about her voting record on the Trade Bill.

We have now created a leaflet to deliver in her constituency (see below). WE NEED TO GET THESE LEAFLETS OUT BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH, IF THEY ARE TO HAVE ANY IMPACT AT ALL.

We will be distributing bundles of leaflets for delivery in CHAPELTOWN on Sat 26 Sept. There will be a few people there, so we can go out in groups – maintaining social distancing – and deliver in the areas that will have the most impact.

1. Don’t leaflet in groups with those from outside your household – maintain distancing by delivering opposite sides of the road.
2. Don’t stop and talk to people but be polite if approached and maintain a 2m distance.
3. Wash your hands thoroughly before going out and after returning; if you can, use hand sanitiser or gloves when out and about.
4. Wherever possible wear a mask and gloves, both to reassure the public and to keep you as safe as possible.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP, BUT ARE NOT FREE ON SAT 26th, and are willing to go out on your own, please comment below or email Sheffield for Europe (, and we will get some leaflets to you.