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Phone: 0777 156 4883

Sheffield for Europe still believes Brexit will cause great damage to our country and to Europe, not just economically, but also socially, culturally and in terms of the influence of the UK in Europe and the wider world, as well as taking away OUR rights of free movement.

Our new mission is to help those who will suffer because of Brexit, to call the government to account when they lie and/or try to forget the promises they made, and to lay the groundwork needed for us to rejoin the EU (though that will take time).
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We exchange information on how best to counter the misinformation and outright lies which have been used to promote Brexit. We also organise and/or attend meetings and rallies with speakers, print and distribute leaflets, hold regular street stalls across Sheffield, attend demonstrations locally and nationally, organise letter-writing and visits to local MPs, and work with many local and national groups, including the European Movement.

Please become a supporter, or better still, join us as a member and get involved in the Campaign – Subscribe, Join & Donate! There is no charge to become a supporter, and we keep our membership fees low in order to encourage as many people to join us as possible. As a member, you will be added to our mailing list, receive invitations to our meetings, will be entitled to vote and will be able to stand for office and a position on our Committee.

Membership is £5-adult waged; £2-Student/Unwaged

We fund ourselves, so we would welcome it if you could afford to make a donation in excess of the minimal membership fee. 

Please use the “Donate” button below to pay your membership fee (and/or donate to Sheffield for Europe).

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