Do you sing or play a musical instrument? 
Want to let the world know you love the EU?
Join Sheffield for Europe’s VIRTUAL FLASHMOB FOR EUROPE DAY (9th May)!
Just record or video yourself singing or playing along with our new words for the EU anthem. We’ll combine all contributions into a video and release it on Europe Day (9th May)!

No, it’s not a lot of time, but we think we can still get enough people to join us that it will be worthwhile. The song is very short (only 2 minutes long) and very simple.

Also, even if you’re not musically inclined yourself, if you know of people and/or groups who might be interested, PLEASE SHARE THIS with them – help us get a good ‘turnout’ for our virtual flashmob!

For those who are on facebook, here’s the link to the fb event:


1) Go to

2) Download the file “000-S4EU Ode2Joy-BASE TRACK.mp3”
(It should be at the top, if the files are in alphabetical order; if they’re not, click on “Name” to re-arrange them.)
The first note of the song is F#

If you’re planning to sing, also download the file “000 S4EU Ode2Joy-TEXT.rtf” (It should be second from the top.)

3) The sound file starts with the starting note (F#) and a count-in: 1-2-3- clap. When you record yourself, please also count in and clap on count 4, to make it easier our fabulous sound person to sync all the recordings.

4) For those who have not done this before: You need to listen to the base recording on headphones/earphones on one device while you record yourself playing/singing into another device. (More recording tips at the end of this message.)

5) When you have a recording that you’re happy with:
A) Give it a name: Your name, city and country
(Ex: VikkiFielden-Sheffield-England.mp3)
That will give us the info we need to put in the credits at the end. If you don’t care about being credited, it’s not so important.

B) If you’re sending a sound file but would like your image to be in the video, upload a photo of yourself, also named with your name, city and country.

6) To upload the file: Go to
(same link as above) and upload it/drag it onto the page.

7) Deadline to upload files is 2pm Thurs, 6th May!

8) On Europe Day (Sun 9th May), we will post the final video on facebook and/or email you the link for it.

6) Please share the video with friends – on facebook and/or in email – ideally on Europe Day!

Recording tips:

• Have any music/word sheets in a well-lit, fixed place (no more than two pages – both visible).

• Don’t hold the music if possible; the paper-scrunching sounds may carry onto the recording.

• Find a quiet place to record – as far away as possible from any source of unwanted noise, eg: fridge hum, air conditioners, computer whine, dog’s bark etc.  Minimizing noise before you record is much easier than removing it after the event.

• Keep the phone/recording device as firm as possible: it’s better if you put it on a support.

• Listen to the song track using headphones. It shouldn’t be so loud that it spills into the recording.

• If anything strange happens during recording, it can always be done again.

• Sing confidently and brightly – relax and have fun!

• For video recordings, be aware of what is behind you while you record, just in case there’s something you wouldn’t be happy with the world seeing.

• Listen to/watch the recording before you send it, to make sure there are no surprises.